Fairview Farm Apiary is a beekeeping service based in the historic Fairview neighborhood (between Greenlake, Mapleleaf and Roosevelt) of Seattle.  Rob Stevens has been keeping bees since 1993.  Since then his apiary (a beekeeping yard) has expanded beyond just his back yard to offer honey bee services throughout Seattle.  The honey from the hives is the highest quality, having never been exposed to pesticides or high temperature. 

Fairview Farm takes environmental protection very seriously for both the bees and the humans.  Maintaining the hives does not contribute greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere.  By transporting all equipment with Rob's electric car that is powered with his solar panels, the environment is only improved by our actions. 

And in the interest of reducing our impact even further we strongly encourage recycling and reuse.  Please recycle our plastic bottles, but return our glass mason jars for $1 off your next purchase.  Mason jars are designed to be reused, so please don't recycle them, return them and let's reuse them. 

I do feed my new colonies to get them started out in the spring time and occasionally in the fall if they need it to make sure they can make it through the winter. I feed them with table sugar water, NOT high fructose corn syrup.